From 2002 to 2011, Joan created video of local ranches, people and events that aired on our own local TV channel, Public Access TV. The series was called “Picture the Past“. Most of these videos can be seen at the San Luis Obispo County Library. If you would like more information about any of these videos, email Joan. Joan’s email

Ah Louis Family, The, 2002, 58 min
Loren Nicholson interviews Howard Luis inside the AH LOUIS STORE showing
Photographs of China Town and family and artifacts. 2002, 58 min.

Archaeology Along the Central Coast, 2007. 58 min
Dr. Parker introduces the volunteers who continue to work on cataloging the Chinatown artifacts, which were discovered beneath the Palm Street Parking Garage
in San Luis Obispo im the 1960s. He also gives a tour of the Elfin Forest.

Arnold & Peggy Teague, To Leave a Mark, 2004, 58 min
This show within a show To Leave A Mark – ATCo 1982, is about people in SLO County who left their mark and name on bridges, schools, buildings and streets. It includes a ride to Edna and then to the County Museum to show how an old music box works, and ends with a tour of GUM ALLEY in San Luis Obispo.

Avila Beach, The Story  2003, 58 min
Loren Nicholson interviews Avila Beach Community Foundation president, local
residents and Port San Luis manager. Over 50 old photographs of Avila. 2003. 58 min

Avila Beach in Transition 2004, 56 min
Loren interviews Avila Valley business owners and managers – Kelsey See Canyon Winery, Sycamore Springs Resort, Salisbury Gallery, Olde Port Fisheries, Custom House and Dale Ginder – author. Includes bus tour and guide’s view of the valley.

The Barlogio Family, 2006, 58 min
Dorothy Reiff hosts an interview with Dave Barlogio who gives a tour of the Harmony Acres Ranch on Harmony Road. Road, Harmony. He also gives a tour of the Barlogio Family Farms roadside market in Paso Robles.

Carnegie Library, 2002, 30 min
Loren Nicholson talks over vintage photographs of the history of the San Luis Obispo Country Historical Society. President John Shutz, talks about the history and retrofitting of the Carnegie Building, while giving a tour of the Carnegie Library.

Cayucos Art Association, Elva Gould 104, 2004, 58 min
Interview with Charter members, and Elva Gould (104) while painting in her home and
during her birthday party, Nov. 17, at the Cayucos Veteran’s Memorial Hall.

Childhood Memories of Clark Valley, 2004, 58 min
La Cañada de Los Osos Historical Group program (2004) with Joan Sullivan and guest speakers sharing old photographs. Interview with Marian McLinn at home in Paso Robles. A visit with Armrel and Jim Beecham in Clark Valley.

Chumash Village Museum & Mini Pow Wow, 2006, 58 min
President of Friends of Price House, Inc., Effie McDermott, hosts a tour of the Chumash Village Museum with White Horse. The video also includes an Ice Cream and Pow Wow fundraiser.

Daisy Dell Apple Ranch, See Canyon, 2006, 58 min
Host, Susie Kenny, interviews Olive Redstone Klauke, who was born and raised on the Daisy Dell ranch that the Redstone family moved to in 1919. Susie also talked with Robert Redstone, Olive’s brother, who continues to tend the apple grove.

Dallidet Adobe 2002, 28 min
Pages from an album are turned by George Abraham as he recites names of
Pierre Dallidet’s family members.

Dana Adobe 2003, 58 min
Loren Nicholson interviews the Dana Adobe manager, Lisa Vanderstadt; members of Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos and several members of the Dana family at the Dana Family Reunion.

Dolly Bader – A Paso Robles Pioneer Legend, 2005, 57 min
Interview with Paso Robles pioneer, Dolly Bader, in her home and at Paso Robles History Museum with Wally Ohles. Wally discusses his book, The Lands of Mission San Miguel.

Domingos Garcia Roundup, 2005, 58 min
A cattle roundup on the Garcia ranch in San Luis Obispo. Interview with Mary and Domingos Garcia at the BBQ following the roundup. Overtalk at the computer at Joan Sullivan’s house about the roundup.

Froom Ranch 1994, 41 min
Host Bill Froom was born and raised on the Froom Ranch and presents a history and
tour of the ranch to members of La Cañada de Los Osos Historical Group.

The Jack House, 2004, 58 min
A tour of the Jack House, gardens and gift shop with docents, Richard Dresp,
Wes Conner, Martha Schwartz and Jackie Kane.

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards, 2004, 55 min
Loren Nicholson interviews the Dick and Delores Kelsey about their history and the abalone business. Dick gives a tour of the winery. Dolores shares vintage photographs of her father and cousins diving for abalone. Old film of Avila Beach taken in 1939 is included in the video.

La Cańada de Los Osos Historical Group, 2004, 58 min
Phyllis Snyder, President of LOHG, interviews Mary Boardman who gives a
history and tour of the original Sunny Side School on Los Osos Valley Road.

Monday Club, The Secrets Along the Creeks, 2004, 58 min
Secrets Along the Creeks: Monday Club President, Gini Griffin, gives a history and tour of the Monday Club designed by Julia Morgan. Secrets Along the Creeks
Tour includes Dallidet Adobe, Frank Lloyd Wright Building, Hays Latimer Adobe, Reis Collections, Barneberg House, and the Rose Butron de Canet de Simmler Adobe.

Mosaic Studio, Cayucos, 2004, 58 min
Peter Lodachy, designs and installs a mosaic mural at the pool of the Kennedy Club Fitness on Tank Farm Road. Footage includes placing the mosaics and finishing installation. Peter gives a talk at the Hardy Park in Cayucos, where his mosaics are everywhere to be seen.

New Bells for the Old Mission, 2005, 58 min
Inside the bell tower, Richard Ochs, Bells Committee Chair, plays the old
bells. The new bells arrive and tested by bystanders. The new bells are blessed by the Diocese of Monterey, Fr. Grey – Dan Kreiger, (Bell Committee member) presides over the event. The bells are installed by Maino Construction Company and Dewaine’s Crane. The old bells will be displayed in the garden.

Odd Fellows Museum Retrofit, SCHS, 2003, 58 min
Host, Loren Nicholson, interviews project Museum Retrofit manager, Howard Mankins and members of Minor Historians, who volunteered their services to help retrofit the Odd Fellows Hall. Video includes vintage film of roofing Odd Fellows Hall.

Old Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, 2006, 58 min
Author and historian,Joseph Carotenuti, talks over vintage photos of Mission San Luis
Obispo and gives a tour inside the Mission.

Price Historical Park, 2006, 58 min
Effie McDermott, President of Friends of Price House, Inc., gives a tour of the Price Anniversary House and shares goals for the creation of Price Historical Park, which includes the Chumash Village Museum & Vintage photos of the tri-gable Price Adobe.

Rancho Santa Margarita, 2004, 58 min
Joan Sullivan interviews Kathy Loftus, Manager of Rancho Santa Margarita who gives a tour of the Estrada Adobe and Asistencia Santa Margarita de Cortona and ranch and gives the historic background of one of the oldest ranch in California.

Rios-Caledonia Adobe, 2006, 58 min
Wally Ohles and Joyce Herman give a history and tour of the Rios-Caledonia Adobe. Joyce is a charter member of The Friends of the Adobes. Wally talks over vintage photos of the Adobe and how it looked before retrofitting. Joyce shares books by local authors in the museum and gift shop.

Rose Garden Dance Band, 2004, 58 min.
Joel Rose shares posters of the Big Band era (left him by his father Joe Rose, one time mayor of Pismo Beach). As he turns the pages of his album collections, he shares the history of Pismo Beach. Joel introduces musicians in his Rose Garden Band before playing at Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo City-Owned Adobes, 2005, 58 min
Jeff Hook and Mayor David Romero, give history of City-Owned Murray Adobe in (1850) in SLO Mission Plaza. Bob Vesseley and Dean Miller give a history at Ro driguez Adobe (1858) Tank Farm Road, SLO; at La Loma Adobe, 1590 Lizzie St., S.L.O. (1790), and Rosa-Butron Adobe (1960), 466 Dana St., SLO.

San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza, 2006, 58 min
Former San Luis Obispo Mayor, Kenneth Schwartz talks about the forming of the Mission Plaza and give a tour of Mission Plaza. Joe Carotenuti is the host. Linnaea Phillips shares her involvement in creating and organizing Mission Plaza event after the Plaza was created.

Santa Fe School, 2004, 20 min.
Loren Nicholson, interviews John Salisbury and his daughter Jennifer Rucks, owners of the Sante Fe School. They give a tour and share plans for the opening of Salisbury Wine Tasting and Schoolhouse Gallery.

See Canyon Fruit Ranch, 2006, 58 min
Susie Kenny, owner of See Canyon Fruit Ranch, interviews Margaret Devaul. Margaret was born and raised on the ranch and came to the ranch for the interview. Margaret was also interviewed in her home where she shared vintage photographs her family and San Luis Obispo.

SLO County Historical Museum-Farmers’ Exhibit & Tour, 2008, 29 min
Dean Miller introduces the County Museum Executive, Kim Alfaro at the Farmers’ Alliance Exhibit. Michael Magliari gives a lecture on the Farmers’ Alliance Exhibit. Kim gives a tour of the SLO County Museum’s Storehouse Facility.

Thunder Canyon Farm, Cayucos, 2004, 58 min
Spokesperson, Ilona Ing gives a history of the ranch and the efforts of the Public Benefit Nonprofit Educational Corporation to “Help Save The Farm.” Cayucos cowboy, Al Scaltritti, shares vintage photos and history of the ranch, including giving a tour of the old barn and building

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